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Let us liven  up your dull business trip!
On vacation? Wife not in the mood?
Call us while she's at the spa. Unforgettable Photos & Phone Fantasies!
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This page was last updated on: May 2, 2007
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For Our Valued East Coast Callers
Appointments to speak with two Phone Mistresses in a dual dominant fantasy scene available by appointment. Phone studs too!
Call 1-775-232-3189 for limited time special pricing.
Diamonds are still a girl's bestfriend. We will however, accept a monetary gift  for allowing you to speak with us on the telephone and share a fantasy or relieve a past experience. We will accept pre-pays and credit cards.  No "Checks by Phone."  Please, no refunds.
Mistresses are waiting for your call right now! Don't disappoint them!

Sweet Panty Punishment & Spanking 1 hour 110.00           
You on your knees... Worshipping Me! 30 minutes 65.00
Ecstasy Talk - Tease and Please 40 minutes 87.00 

Discretely billed as, and brought to you by; Tyro One Consultants
Coyrighted by Cinamon Rose 2007
Hello Darling boy,
  Whatever your fetishes, whatever your needs, you can find them here. Just ask. Or hint. We know. Oh yes, we know what you want.
   Mistress Simone is waiting for you, her seductive voice enticing you up the carved staircase, ever closer to her tower bedroom. What awaits you there? Your wildest dreams, sweet panty punishment, ecstatic pain...      See a picture of the seductive Mistress Simone.
Call Now! 1-866-246-2666
  Mistress Cinamon awaits you in her penthouse suite. Her needs and desires can only be called decadent. Make sure that you are up to her fiery embrace. She will seduce you into doing things you have never even heard of. Acts you never thought you would enjoy. You will ask yourself, why? Why was it so erotic? Ah yes, the exquisite pain, the forbidden pleasure, over and over and over again... The desires that consume, the fires that burn... Call Her Now! 1-775-232-3189
Have your valid credit card in
one hand and your clitty stick in the other.
Call backs are included!
Erotic Denial & Exciting Release 20 minutes 55.00
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