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Why does my husband like to wear my panties? Dirty no less?
Am I gay if I like to wear panties?
I'm in my forties, why do I like to be spanked?
I'm a business executive, after a hard day at the office why do I feel compelled to  wear panties and call Mistress Cinnamon to humiliate me?
Sometimes my husband wants me to be the boss in the bedroom. Why does he want this type of sex?
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Her True Story - by Mistress Cinamon's sister,  Mistress Simone
Read how Simone, a budding dominatrix, meets and enjoys her first panty man. Romantic, Sweet, and, Yes, it's True!

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Our first reader contribution! Slut slave greg's story as told to Mistress Cinamon.
Special boys sometimes receive cards.
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